Colgate Total 240g (120g x 2, Pack of 2) Whole Mouth Health, Antibacterial Cavity Protection Toothpaste (Advanced Health, Saver Pack)

About this Product

Product Features:
  • Colgate Total Advanced Health is an antibacterial toothpaste that fights germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums giving you Whole Mouth Health for 12 hours
  • This toothpaste has Dual Zinc Arginine technology and actively seeks out bacteria on your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums, forming a protective, anti-germ barrier - unlike an ordinary toothpaste
  • Colgate Total provides more benefits than before - helping prevent cavities, plaque build-up, tartar formation and sensitivity
  • It is certified by Indian Dental Association and is 100% Vegan, Sugar-free, Gluten free, and Responsibly Made
  • Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Children below 6 years of age should have adult supervision
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