ILIFE A80 Pro, Smart 2-in-1 Dry & Wet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ,Auto Carpet Boost (@ 2300Pa),Planned Navigation based Cleaning, Anti Stuck Sensors for error Fault Correction, Daily Schedule, Anti fall,HoneyComb Cellular Dust Tank, Cliff Detection with Electronically Controlled Water Tank, Roller Based Sillicon Brushes, Remote Control,4 Layer Filter to Clear Pollen Allergic, Suitable for Hard Floor, Vitrified or Mosaic Flooring, Wooden Flooring, Granite, Balcony Tiles

About this Product

Product Features:
  • 【Higher suction】: For deep cleaning use Spot mode that provides powerful suction, Max mode provides enhanced immediate suction to clean more stained area. Auto boost suction on carpets.
  • 【Route Planning 】:A80 Pro executes row by row cleaning guided by gyroscope, maximizes coverage and reduces missing.
  • 【Mopping】: Mopping is highly suggested to follow vacuuming to achieve thorough cleaning. Adjustable water volume setting is available to adapt to different floor conditions.
  • 【Auto carpet boost】: Suction automatically boosts once carpets are detected. Plus floating roller brush, carpet cleaning becomes highly effective.
  • 【 4 layer's filtration】: Exclusive design of cellular dustbin achieves 4 layers’filtration, locking in fine dust and expelling fresh air.
  • 【 Electrowall】: Electrowall emits infared ray that can be detected by the robot, which can assign a restriction cleaning area that the robot can not go. It is a hardware device to restrict the Go/No-Go area. Please contact ILIFE Customer support (1800-258-5433) to get Free Electrowall.
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