ILIFE A11 Dry & Wet LiDar Robotic Vacuum Cleaner(4000Pa Strong Suction) with Y Pattern Cleaning, Multiple Floor Mapping,Auto Resume Cleaning with Continuous Cycle,Side Brush/Suction/Water Frequency Control, Auto Carpet Boost,Room Wise Cleaning, Remote Control,Virtual Wall,Anti Stuck Sensors with Fault Correction,Hybrid Dust and Water Tank, Washable Dust Tank with HEPA Filter, Cliff Detection with Electronically Controlled Water Tank, Roller Based Sillicon Brushes, Clear Pollen Allergic,Dust etc.

About this Product

Product Features:
  • 【Advanced Laser Navigation】: Advanced LiDAR Technology 2.0 with precise Slam algorithm allows A11 to scan for 360°, build a precise map, and calculate the best cleaning route.
  • 【Maximum 4000Pa Suction with 4 Modes】: Choose from QUIET, SPOT, EDGE, MAX modes to deal with different kinds of debris on different types of surfaces including carpets, woodfloor, marble floor and more.
  • 【The Real 2-IN-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop】:Unlike other robots that ask you to plug in the water tank to mop, A11 has a real 2-IN-1 tank that consists of a 300ml dustbin and a 200ml water tank to better serve the idea of vacuuming and mopping together. And the backup plan is a 450ml extra dustbin for you to switch.
  • 【Long mins Runtime】: A11 can keep cleaning for large duraton, thanks to its large capacity battery. With one full charge, A11 can clean an area of 2,690sqft, which is about 4 bedrooms.
  • 【 Exclusive APP ILIFE HOME】: Our new APP ILIFE HOME can provide better service when a newer version is available. App remote control allows you adjust suction power, customize cleaning areas, set up no-go area and cleaning schedules, etc.
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