LAVNA WiFi Door Lock with Wi-Fi, Mobile App, Fingerprint, OTP, PIN, RFID Card & Manual Key 7 Way Access for Wooden Doors (LA24 WiFi Black)

About this Product

Product Features:
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Technology: You can unlock your door lock from anywhere, anytime with the help of Wifi also you can manage complete lock via your LAVNA Smart Lock Mobile app.
  • 360° Fingerprint sensor - 0.4 sec. unlocking speed || Register upto 100 fingerprints in the lock.
  • LAVNA Mobile APP. - Our Mobile app user interface is very easy to understand and you can use it very smoothly. || This lock completely operate through mobile application like Add/Del. any user, unlocking records
  • RFID Card - Up to 100 RFID card can be registered in this lock, high frequency RFID card is specially designed for this lock for your best security.
  • PIN Option - You can register up to 100 PIN in this lock and the Touch Key Pad is very fine to use.
  • OTP Unlock - You can generate OTP from anywhere & share with your guest for one time entrance in your absence.
  • Spy Code : You can add any random digit before or after your original pin to protect it in front of any stranger.
  • Low power Indicator : When battery level goes down lock will give you low power alert, also you can check the live battery status on your LAVNA Mobile app.
  • External Power Port : In case you forgot to replace the battery even after alert and bettery dies , you can give power to the lock externally and unlock it with your registered Finger , Pin or Card and change the batteries.
  • Manual Key : You can unlock your door from manual key as well in case of any emergency.
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