WISDOM Self Adhesive Vinyl Wood Grain Wallpaper for Furniture Vinyl Stickers Wooden Door Desktop Wall Papers Kitchen-Cupboard/Shelf Liner Sheet (24 x 48 Inch, 01 Texture Brown)

About this Product

Product Features:
  • Real wood grain pattern, unique wood grain color, breaking through the single color of ordinary wallpaper, forming a basic stripe pattern and colorful color combination, adding more imagination
  • Wood wallpaper is made of high-quality PVC material, self-adhesive, waterproof, upgraded and thickened, easy to clean, just wipe it gently with a wet towel. Multiple rolls can be perfectly spliced ​​and combined at will.
  • Decorative Self-Adhesive Wallpaper- Suitable for bedroom walls, living room walls, furniture, drawers, tables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, doors, bathroom walls, bathroom cabinets, bathroom doors, etc.
  • Self-Adhesive Wallpaper The back grid size design is easy to cut. Simply peel and stick to any smooth surface when using. Paste lightly when pasting to facilitate adjustment after dislocation, and can be effectively reused after a single paste.
  • No additional glue is required. The simple decoration effect is obvious for independent spaces such as studios, gyms, basements, etc.
  • This wallpaper is a good choice whether you enjoy it yourself or give it to a friend as a gift. When using, please stick it on a clean, dry or smooth surface, in order to avoid color difference,
  • We recommend you to buy a sufficient quantity at one time. If you choose a large-area scene such as wall decoration, it is recommended to buy a large-sized product, which is more convenient to use and can avoid color difference.
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