The Honest Home Company | 21Mtr Butter Paper Roll | Easy to Use Packaging | Heavy Duty Parchment Paper | Ideal for Baking, Wrapping Roti, Paratha

About this Product

Product Features:
  • 21Mtr PREMIUM BUTTER PAPER : This roll of Butter paper is 10inch wide which is perfect for packing both Indian and Western Cuisines
  • USAGE : Packing in butter paper helps to lock moisture so the Roti and Paratha don't get soggy in the lunch box.
  • KITCHEN APPLIANCES : Safe to use in Oven, Microwave, Air Fryer
  • EASY TO TEAR : Cut into different sizes according to your baking needs with the help of a metal cutter inside the box with Easy Open Easy Close Box.
  • OUR PROMISE : THE HONEST HOME COMPANY, aims to empower the INDIVIDUAL ECO-WARRIOR to make better everyday choices by creating sustainable and earth-first products so that little by little we can move towards a greener and WASTE-FREE PLANET.
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