ORTHO JOY Doctor Orthopedic Soft Slippers For Ladies Daily Use/mcr chappals for women/ortho slippers women

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Product Features:
  • Diabetic And Orthopedic: - Extra Soft, Padded, soft slipper for women, diabetic footwear for women soft are Comfortable And Cushioned Foot-Bed Ortho Slippers Women Enhances Comfort To The Feet. Mcr Slippers For Women Provides You Better Walking Comfort And Also Makes Your Walking Life Easy And Effortlessly.
  • Available Sizes :- These orthopaedic slippers are available in sizes - 3 Uk (36 Euro), 4 Uk (37 Euro), 5 Uk (38 Euro), 6 Uk (39 Euro), 7 Uk (40 Euro), 8 Uk (41 Euro), 9 Uk (42 Euro), 10 Uk (44 Euro)
  • Light Weight And Durable: -These Orthopedic Slippers For Women For Home Heel Pain Are Extremely Light Weight And Durable doctor chappal for women soft Are Widely Used By Women For All Ages, Especially Old Aged, Men With Foot, Knee And Back Pain, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Mcr Chappals For Women Etc.
  • Medicated Soft Doctor Sandals - These orthopedic footwear for women Are Mostly Used By Women’s Suffering With Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis, Ortho Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Ankle Pain, Knee Pain And Back Pain.
  • Skin Friendly And Stylish -These Ortho Slippers For Women Daily Use Has Skin-Friendly Material Are Crafted And Made With Care That Avoids Blisters, Scars. These Stylish Bathroom Slippers For Women Fits Your Lifestyle Where Your Feet Looks Pretty Which Provides Premium Look And Feel To The Feet. These Orthojoysoft chappal for women Have Various Colours And Are Not Only Colourful & Highly Attractive
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