HI-PLASST 6a to 16a Converter Plug (Pack of 2) 3-Pin International 16 amp Socket for Big Size 16amp Plug Top (Use 16amp Devices in 6amp Normal Socket) for Geysers A/C Refrigrator Microwave

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Product Features:
  • Use : Generally,It has been observed 6A Socket in our homes.This 6a to 16amp converter plug is used to convert our regular 6A socket into 16A socket . This adaptor helps us to insert big size Plug in the same small electrical socket.It is a Converter Plug Socket.
  • Package Includes : 2pcs of 6amp to 16amp converter plug // 16 amp plug // 6a to 16a converter plug
  • Known for : 16 amp plug // 16amp socket // 5 amp to 15 amp converter // socket converter plug // 15A conversion plug // 16a converter plug
  • Suitable Devices : Hi-Plasst 6amp to 16amp converter plug is suitable For Heavy Appliances Like Geysers, A/C, Refrigrator, Microwave, Water Heater, Rice-Cooker, Vaccuum Cleaner, etc.
  • Plug Type : Type-D (Indian)for our Indian Sockets. Worldwide to India adaptor plug is also designed to connect foreign devices in India.
  • Power Details : Input Current:6A ; Output Current:16A ; Input Voltage-240V(AC). This 6 amp to 16 amp converter can be used in Home, office, school, restaurants for conversion purpose.
  • INDIAN AND INTERNATIONAL:- Compatible with both Indian and international 3 pin plugs.It can be used to connect plug tops from 150 Countries such as USA/UK/AU/EU and many more.
  • Easy to Use : Easy to insert and withdraw. No Complicated Set-up while using this 6 to 16 amp converter plug Converter
  • Safety Warning : Do Not Use this Conversion Plug For Industrial Appliances or Electronic Appliances Exceeding 20Ampere or 1500W.
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