Excel Impex Christmas Crib Set Xmas Decoration Wooden Crib Set Pulkoodu Wooden Christmas Crib Large 45 cm x 35 cm x 34 cm

About this Product

Product Features:
  • Christmas celebrations are never complete without a Christmas crib and a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. Christmas Crib represents how Jesus was born. Christmas Crib exhibits figures that represents baby Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, angels kings and so on.
  • Excel Impex brings you easy to make wooden crib that is perfect for every house. With this Christmas kit you can easily assemble a brand new pulkoodu (barn house) effortlessly.
  • Instruction manual and all the required screws are also provided along with the product.Each part is made of wood for strength. Roof portion is covered with hay and can be folded.
  • Dimensions are 45cm*35cm*34cm. Please note that nativity figurines are shown here for decorative purpose only. They are not included in the Crib set.
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