CANDERE - A KALYAN JEWELLERS COMPANY Contemporary Collection 22k BIS Hallmarked Yellow Gold Kamal Chain for Men

About this Product

Product Features:
  • Your gold chain is set in 22kt yellow gold and comes with a BIS hallmark. BIS hallmark is an inscription made on the product and not a separate certificate.
  • As these products are made to order you may find a slight variation in the final weight. In case of discrepancies please write to us and we will resolve your issue.
  • Each piece is mindfully and delicately crafted to perfection, hence it takes us a while to ship. We assure you that the final product is worth the wait. The images displayed are zoom-in images (10x-zoom), the product will be of standard size.
  • You will receive one 22kt (916) yellow gold chain that will be delivered in a tamperproof package. Please inspect the package for any tampering before accepting the delivery. Video Record the opening process it will help at the time of claims if any.
  • A perfect budget-friendly gifting solution that allows you to give a lavish-looking gift. An evergreen yet young design that suits all ages, from a young executive to mother to grandmother, for the traditional you and also the modern you.
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